Venues & Concessionaires

Enhance the fan experience and allow
them easier access to their favorites.

sEATz works with any venue, any POS in any configuration.

Better fan experience

Your fans want their cake and to eat it to. We let them enjoy what they came for: to watch the game and enjoy their favorite food, drinks and gear. We ensure they can stay close to the action.

Enhance revenues

Studies show that many fans skip the lines if there is a wait. We allow them to skip the lines AND still order.

Real Time Data Analytics

Want to see volume by section in real time? The sEATz platform can provide that. Concessionaires can also see historical ordering behaviors by seat and section.

Detailed Tracking

Our system allows concessionaires to see what products are being ordered in what sections, allowing for in-game adjustments to inventory.

Reduced Overhead

sEATz provides runners AND reduces line length, allowing concessionaires to experience the best of both worlds: enhanced fan experience AND reduced overhead

Dynamic Pricing Engine

Want to move more hotdogs in the 8th inning? Want to alleviate congestion before halftime? The sEATz pricing program give you real time ability to adjust pricing and notify fans in real time, allowing you to provide them right product at the right price at the right time.

Advanced Marketing

Want to offer a discount on the team superstar’s jersey when they score a goal or hit a home-run? The sEATz platform will push out specials when something special happens

Low Risk!

sEATz takes the risk for you: if you’re not successful, we’re not successful!

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