The Future of In-Seat Delivery is Here. Food, Drinks, Gear:

We Bring it All to YOU!

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No one pays to stand in line.

You go to the game

To be part of the action, to cheer for your team,
to eat, drink and claim victory!

You don’t go to the game

To stand in a line from hell, getting hungrier,
thirstier and miss all of the action!

Let sEATz put the stadium at your fingertips!

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How does it work?

sEATz is an app based delivery platform that gives fans access to every product available in an entertainment venue on their smartphone.

Select Your Venue & Seats

Click on the events you are
attending and let us know where
you are sitting

Shop Food, Drinks, & Apparel

Browse all the venue has to offer from
food and beverage items to team spirit
wear and merchandise.

Buy your items

Ordering and delivery are right at
your fingertips. Sit back and enjoy
the view!

sEATz runners will deliver your items to you while you enjoy the action!

We deliver your favorites, and make it easy!

sEATz App


From your favorite brew to an ice-cold cola, sEATz brings it


From hamburgers and hot dogs to your favorite local fare, sEATz brings it


From the superstars jersey to the new guy’s t-shirt, sEATz brings it.


Get instant updates on in-stadium specials. From food, drinks and gear, never miss a deal!


Order ahead of time. Skip the half-mile half-time line!

Easy Payments

Order, pay and tip right in the app.

Still Have Questions?

Run for sEATz

Deliver with sEATz and get paid!

sEATz for Venues

Partner with sEATz and reach those hungry fans!

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